Dear Friends,

Since announcing my retirement I have received many thank-you notes. Actual in the mail notes as well as lots of thank-you notes via email and even phone calls.

It is so very sweet, kind and absolutely not anything I thought would happen! People think I joke when I say I have the best customers in the world but I know it to be true!

In my company I have talked often about all the people behind the scenes who helped over the years. Family and friends who supported me from modeling to helping with packaging and troubleshooting problems. I thank them all and hopefully I have sufficiently told them how much their help has meant to me!

I always said when I started my business that never in a million years did I think having breast cancer would lead to becoming an entrepreneur.

Now I say never in a million years did I think I would touch the lives of so many of my customers and be touched by them! I am very fortunate to experience this connection.

This is my last message to you. My e-commerce site will disappear January 1, 2020, but you can still get a hold of me at

It is bittersweet that I say good-bye! Wishing you all the best, for a healthy and happy future!